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Rain Rain Go Away Wedding

Let’s get straight to the point: rain on your wedding day does not make it a wash out. OK, it’s not ideal if you planned to marry outside, but you’ll have a backup plan that’s just as perfect already in place. And if by the end of the day you’ve married the love of your life, what’s not to smile about?

Rain isn't always bad on your wedding day

Rain has its own share of benefits, too. From its soft and calming patter to the dramatic photographs and saturated colours rain soaks the surroundings in, a damp forecast is far from the doom and gloom it’s often associated with. It won’t necessarily rain relentlessly all day, either – you might get the best of both with a mixture of sunny spells and showers. Photographers often say they’d rather have a dull day than bright, eye-squinting sunshine to deal with!

How to prepare for wedding day rain

That being said, you’ll get the most out of your wet weather wedding if you’re prepared. A pretty jacket, a pair of Wellington boots or heel protectors will all make your time outdoors fuss-free. Knowing how to hitch up your train to prevent it trailing in the wet, potentially muddy grass will also be invaluable, and is something your boutique will be more than happy to show you.

Of course, we couldn’t really talk about rain on your wedding day without giving umbrellas their share of attention. From beautifully bridal birdcage brollies to white ones, light up ones, even colourful ones… umbrellas should be as fabulous as they are functional. Coordinate them with your colour scheme, your wedding dress or a photograph you’ve seen that you’d love to recreate. Just remember to stock up on supplies for your guests too – they’ll be grateful to find an umbrella to hand just when they needed one.

Wedding photography ideas for wedding day rain

One of the biggest worries attached to wet weddings is the limit it can place on photographs. But we’re here to tell you that this needn’t be a worry at all. Visit the venue with your photographer in advance to seek out those romantic nooks and fairytale settings for indoor photographs, and you won’t even have to step outside if you don’t want to.

We recommend you do, though, because braving the weather can bring you photographs you’d never imagine to be possible – the kind you only see on Pinterest or in the pages of a glossy magazine. Raindrops offer romantic highlights for photos – whether in or out of focus – and then there are the fun umbrella group shots and twinkling, rain-filled images taken at night. Just look at this couple’s umbrella photos to see why we love them, and this vintage wedding that worked just as well in the rain.

If you’ve got a second dress for the evening, you might even be tempted to throw caution to the wind as you kiss and dip in the downpour for a photograph every bit as intense and romantic as your emotions will be.

Wedding Rain makes beautiful photographs

How to look after your guests if it rains

Back inside, both you and your guests will welcome warming options – mulled wine, steaming mugs of cocoa or simply a cup of tea. Blankets and throws will also come in handy, as will an assortment of indoor entertainment options. Giant Jenga works just as well on an empty dance floor, and a Mr & Mrs quiz will be more memorable than a game of croquet.

What’s meant to be will be. We can guarantee you’ll have more fun if you live in the moment (and certainly not glued to the forecast, fretting over what might be). Take it as an opportunity to look for rainbows, and to capture photographs that will be unlike anyone else’s if it does rain on your wedding day.

For more advice on managing wet weather at your wedding, check out these tips. And remember, if these five wedding day disasters didn’t turn out to be so terrible, a spot of rain won’t dampen your day at all.

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