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How to Style a Backyard Party like a Pro

1. Choose one or two colours and stick to them. You can Get your guests involved and ask them to dress in the theme palette!

2. Have a go at making your own invitations – they don’t have to be perfect but creating something personal and in theme will really set the tone for your celebration. Adding matching menus or other stationery pieces is even better!

3. Look around the house for items you might be able to incorporate, whether it be furniture or décor.

4. Hit the sales for affordable crockery, cutlery, linen and décor items. Craft stores are great for little touches such as place cards and favor bags.

5. DIY where you can – it keeps costs down and also adds that personal touch. For our tablescape we painted some plain old bottles using black chalkboard paint and made some wreaths to hang over the table.

6. If you’re having a larger party consider hiring furniture and tableware – having matching pieces will instantly make your party look more professional and it isn’t always as expensive as you may think. Even if you don’t have the budget to hire everything, sourcing a few key pieces will make an impact.

7. Create several little feature areas around your home/garden. For example, we set up a welcome sign with lanterns leading up the front steps, a champagne tower and a dining area. If your party was larger you could also set up a couple of little lounge areas or maybe a dessert table.

8. Use lighting. Lots of candles or even some string lighting really adds to the ambiance of your party. At this time of year there’s no shortage of beautiful (and affordable) lighting options which are easy to hang and look great.

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