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Picking the perfect Bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid Dresses purple pink musk

Finding a bridesmaid dress to suit a number of body shapes and styles can be a difficult task and it’s often hard to please everyone. So the question on everyone’s lips is… do they all need to be identical? Well, this is totally up to you as a bride but keeping these simple facts in mind can make the decision a little easier.

While you probably want to have some say in choosing the perfect gown for your bridesmaids, getting them to help research some styles they prefer can help lighten the mood and bring everyone together – extra fun if the bridesmaids don’t know each other that well

Bridesmaid Dresses Royal Blue

Choosing a particular brand and colour you like is a great place to start and letting your bridesmaids pick their favourite style and design to best suit their body is quickly becoming the easiest way to get around the topic! There are a tonne of great wedding suppliers.

This way your bridesmaids will feel flattering and comfortable – all while sticking to one common dress theme (or not).

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