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Amanda, QLD.
Such a fantastic product. Great quality, Super fast delivery. Saved my heels at a garden wedding.

Ashley, NSW.
Saved me at a grass wedding. I cant believe how many pairs of shoes i have damaged in the past. Not anymore... Love my Heel Saviours™.

Shannan, WA.
I was a Bridesmaid at my Friends Wedding. We had a boardwalk, concrete and grass to contend with, not to mention dancing on a wooden floor all night long. I did not Sink, Scrape, Slip, Wear down or jam my new heels once. So happy.​
Heel Saviours™ are my Saviour.

Stephanie, TAS.
I travel alot for my work and am constantly in and out of Airports, Escalators have been my biggest issue when it comes to my Stilettos. I have damaged that many pairs from getting stuck and have had to abandom my faviourite pair of Tony Bianco's and watch in shear horror as the escalator ate it right before my very eyes. Finally Heel Saviours™ have come to my rescue and i havent lost a pair of heels since. Thank you

Our Little Shoe Secret, I will never leave home again without my Heel Saviours™.

Emma, QLD.
I saw Heel Saviours™ on the news for Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival and thought they would be perfect for my upcoming wedding.
Myself and my Bridesmaids were thrilled with the results, Our heels still look brand new too. Thank you Our Little Shoe Secret for having these amazing products and for eliminating one less issue to worry about on my Wedding Day.


Jenna, VIC.

As an avid Spring Carnival attendee I hate being limited to clunky wedges or flat shoes, They just dont finish off my outfits as well as my Stilettos do. I have tried similar products that i have found in the past but just didn't do the job that i need them too, one product was so flimsy that i sunk into the grass anyway and another product was so big and noticable and one still fell off.
Now that i have found Heel Saviours™ I will not need worry ever again. Clear, Discreet and Strong, what more could you ask for. All my friends have them now too. Awesome.


Beka. QLD.

Heel Saviours™ saved the day!!!. (Queensland Wedding)
They were so good, not just on grass and dirt but also made us more stable on the road and walking across rocks. #loveit #lifesavers

Protecting your High Heels with Heel Saviours™ Ultimate High Heel Protectors and Stoppers
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