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How To - Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Top Tips for Planning your Wedding on a Budget

Your big day should be about creating memorable and meaningful memories, not about sending yourself bankrupt.

So how can you keep the cost of your wedding day down? Simple! Follow these top tips for planning a wedding on a budget.

1. Don’t leave anything until the last minute

It’s difficult to entirely predict the cost of your wedding until getting down to the nitty gritty of planning. That’s why it is crucially important to plan ahead and stick with your budget. Booking in advance will not only save you the stress of finding suppliers last minute, it will also save you paying inflated costs.

2. Do your research

Shop around with suppliers and hunt down the lowest cost. Compare the market and get creative. By researching and shortlisting your favourite suppliers you can keep in touch and keep an eye out for any early bird deals or special promotions.

3. Build a relationship with your suppliers

Regular communication leading up to your big day can help you build a relationship with your suppliers. An open communication channel can mean suppliers can better understand your vision and you can clarify any queries in order to keep your planning on track.

4. Pick a non-peak wedding season date

The time of year your big day is planned can greatly affect your budget. Booking your big day during the non peak wedding season can help to lower the price and can also mean more choice between suppliers.

5. Negotiate

It is important to negotiate with suppliers and understand you are receiving the best price. Ask about mid week wedding specials at venues you like and you’ll often find the price significantly drop.

6. Be selective with your dress

You’ll want to stand out on your big day and look back at your dress and see it’s timelessness. Asking dress suppliers about sample stock and last season sales can mean you’ll be wearing a one off for a fraction of the price. It’s a win-win.

With these simple steps to cutting the costs you can have your big day, on a little budget.

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