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Wedding Hair - Don't Care

bride hair fascinator

The most important thing to remember about your hair style on your wedding day is to do something that makes you feel comfortable. Ensure you find a good stylist that you trust.

If you don’t normally wear your hair up, then don’t be talked into putting it up on your wedding day. You just won’t feel like yourself.

Pick a style that suits your face shape and also the style of your dress.

Boho wedding bride hair

Braids and natural curls are perfect for a boho look.

Or if you want something a bit more traditional, a elegant bun with baby’s breath are a perfect look.

Hollywood waves are timeless and never go out of fashion and are perfect with a strapless dress.

Don’t be scared to include adornments like flowers, crystals or a fascinator to really bring your look to life.

And remember, just be yourself.

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