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What Wedding Theme is for you? How to choose

Picking a wedding theme that best resembles you and your partner’s journey is important. Something that is unique to you and expresses both of your personal styles.

Here’s our top 5 ways to pick a style that best resembles you!

Retro Wedding Style Theme
Romantic Elegance Wedding Theme

  • First of all, choose your location. Whether you’re choosing an outdoors style wedding or a more traditional church wedding, this will influence the tone for your day.

  • Brainstorm your favourite colours. Choose a colour palette that complements your personal style, the season and your location

  • Choose a theme that resembles you. You want to look back in 50 years time and still feel that personal connection with every last detail of your day. Down to the table decorations.

  • Do your research. Choosing a theme and sticking to it can be hard if you’re one who likes to research and gather a varied number of ideas. Create a theme that suits you, and make it your own. If something doesn’t necessarily ‘fit’ that’s okay, as long as it fits for your aesthetic and style.

  • Whether you choose a traditional, vintage, luxe, modern, simplistic, rustic or bohemian theme. Be sure it resembles you and talk with your wedding suppliers to make sure they share your vision for the day.

Vintage Luxe Wedding Theme

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