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Wedding Shoes - Heels or Flats ?

Heels or flats on your big day. What’s the right answer? Wearing something that makes you comfortable of course!

If you’re wearing a long, sweeping dress you can more than likely get away with some comfortable flats. If your dress shows your shoes, then opt for some nice heels and then change into flats as the day goes on. After all, you’ll be wanting to dance the night away with all your wedding guests.Whatever you choose to wear on the day, be sure they match your personal style, your wedding theme and your dress.

Taking your shoes for a test walk around the house is very critical to knowing whether or not they will be a comfortable and a suitable fit for your big day. Wearing them in means you won’t be wobbling down the aisle with blisters all over your feet. Remember: If you are going to be contending with Grass and other unstable surfaces whilst in Heels, be sure to grab your Heel Saviours™ from Our Little Shoe Secret.

Mixing things up from the traditional white wedding shoes and adding a bit of color is also a fun way to stay on trend. Shop around, wear them in and don’t forget a spare pair.

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