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Saying Thank You to your Bridesmaids

Saying thank you

One school of thought is that if your maids paid for their own dresses, the bride should match the cost in the form of a gift. ‘That’s crazy,’ says Jo, 37. ‘Dresses can cost in the region of $500! If you have more than one bridesmaid you’d be broke!’ However the other extreme is the case of Kate, 40. ‘I had to pay $700 for a bridesmaid dress for my sister-in-law,’ she says. ‘I couldn’t even wear it again, because it was a full bodice and skirt - in navy! And she didn’t buy us gifts.’

Ultimately, your maids are doing the job because they love you, but a gift is a nice touch, and one which you should consider according to your budget and what you can afford. There are plenty of options for meaningful gifts that don’t cost the earth (see our ideas, right). A heartfelt present costing $30 is often better received than an expensive one lacking in sentimentality.

When you present the gift is a matter of personal choice. Many modern brides are deciding to do it when they ‘propose’ to their intended attendants. Necklaces, bags, cups and various trinkets that scream, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ are becoming more and more popular in lieu of presents on the day. It’s a lovely touch. However if you would like to give a traditional gift on the day, a good time to do so is when you are all getting ready. It’s a great pre-wedding bonding experience for you and your girls, before the focus shifts to you and the groom. Besides, if you’re giving your girls matching silk dressing gowns to get ready in, or jewellery for them to wear with their dresses, you’ll want to present them in time for your pre-wedding photography.

BRidesmaid Gift Say Thank you

A Gift for your Girls

Say thank you to your bridesmaids with a little something special.

1. Axel & Ash ‘My Bucket List’ notebook,

2. Koolaman Designs Olive necklace,

3. Alice Palace personalised Bridesmaid Bag,

4. Bespoke Verse ‘Best Friend Advert’ poem print,

5. Bookishly Framed Little Women ‘Sisters’ literary print,

6. Silkandmore Matching silk bathrobes,

7. Gemma Wightman Ceramics ‘Be My Bridesmaid’ mug,

8. Samantha Wills ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ necklace,

9. Hampson’s Homewares ‘Bridesmaid’ dictionary cushion,

10. The Rifle Paper Co personalised floral flat notes,

11. Outdoor Leisure Survival Kit, Everything a girl could need on the day,

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