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Melbourne Cup Race Day Fashion Tips

Melbourne Cup - The Race that Stops the Nation

Are you Race Day Ready?

Here are our Top 5 Tips to see you thru.

1. Keep it classy. Race days are steeped in tradition and that tradition should be honoured. It doesn’t mean a dowdy approach to your race-day outfit but it does mean that your dress shouldn’t be mistaken for a top. And it does mean staying relatively sober should you be entering fashions on the field.

2. Plan your outfit starting with the dress first, and not the the hat. It can be done but it’s a whole lot easier to find the dress and then buy the hat (or have it made) to suit.

3. Headwear is a must. A hat, fascinator or headpiece … it’s not a race day outfit without one. If at a function indoors, err on the smaller side so as not to knock out the person sitting next to you. Trackside? Go to town on the size factor and make a statement with it.

4. Choose your footwear wisely. It’s never a good look to leave a Melbourne Cup Day function – or the races – barefoot and carrying your shoes in your hand. Wear shoes you know you can go the distance in. This isn’t so much of a consideration if you’re just going out to lunch and then doing the school pick-up but it most definitely is if you are trackside.

You don't have to only wear Wedges Heels, There is this amazing invention called Heel Saviours™ by Our Little Shoe Secret that will keep you and your stilettos our of trouble and above ground.

5. It’s spring so your outfit should reflect that. Traditionally Melbourne Cup Day fashion is associated with a whole lot of colour. If you’re doing the entire Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne then by the time Cup Day rolls around you will have already trotted out your black and white for Derby Day and have an ultra-feminine number ready for Oaks Day. Outside of Melbourne, you can definitely get away with a Cup Day outfit that is monochrome or girlie – just make it fun and fabulous with your own spin on it.

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