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What your Maid Of Honor really means when she says these 5 things.

A maid-of-honor has a lot of duties — selecting wedding party attire, coordinating a bridal shower, planning an epic bachelorette party, sitting by your side as you lick 252 sticky stamps. But the one thing we all want from our right-hand woman? "A good MOH will keep her mouth shut about most things and just do her duty," describes Courtney Wolf, wedding planner for Invision Events. "I can remember the times I have been a bridesmaid and had to suffer through ugly dresses, cheesy picture poses, and awful updos. It comes and goes — and you just get over it."

Unfortunately, not all maids-of-honor keep mum while you're wedding planning. So if you've got a Chatty Cathy who can't keep her lips sealed, we've got you covered. Here are five things your MOH might say, decoded.

1. "I mean, it's OK."

If your maid-of-honor drops this noncommittal-but-full-of-attitude bomb while you're selecting her dress, jewelry, or updo, read the subtext of her talk: It's screaming, "I really don't like this — but I'm not going to come right out and say that to your face. You'll hear it through the grapevine next week."

2. "If you really need me to pick up your aunt and uncle from the airport, then I will."

Said with verve, this sentence means just what it says; expressed with a deadpan or sigh, your maid-of-honor is up-to-her eyeballs in other maid-related duties and can't stand the thought of tacking another item onto her wedding to-do list.

3. "I'm ready to par-tay at your wedding."

This maid-of-honor may be going man-hunting at your reception. Be a good friend and help her let loose in the right ways — the ones that won't make you regret you invited her to join your wedding party! You can even play matchmaker for her and the right groomsman.

4. "I wouldn't choose it for my wedding, but you've got to go with what you like!"

While you're considering color schemes or selecting flowers, your maid-of-honor may say this as a way of supporting your choice. But what she really means is, "That is ugly!" Even though she's underhandedly told you that your selection is unattractive, her sentiment is still right — you do have to choose what you love.

5. "You told me that already."

While you're on nonstop gush mode, your girlfriend is telling you politely to please stop. It's easy — and often unintentional — to annoy our friends by overloading them with wedding information, and this maid-of-honor has had enough.

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