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Everything you will need to Survive your next event all in one cute little purse pack.

In Your Purse Pack:
1 pair of Heel Saviours™. (Please select your pair in options)
1 pair Gel Heel Huggers to avoid rubbing and blisters
2 x Band aids for those unknown moments.
2 x Advil for that niggling headache.
1 x 30ml SPF30 Sunscreen for the biting sun.
1 x Lip Balm Pomegranate for keeping your lips hydrated.
1 x pair of earplugs just in case it gets too loud.
2 x Mentos for a quick breath refresh.
1 x Dental Floss for that sneaky snack that wont let go.
1 x Wet Wipe clean up that random mess or refresh your feet.
1 x Dry Wipe absorb that trickle of sweat or that spilt drink.
1 x Hair Tie because you gave your last one to your friend.
2 x Bobby Pins just because you always need them.
1 x Nail File to quickly fix that little chip.
1 x Mini Sewing Kit for those "We've all been there" emergencies.
2 x Safety Pins just because you can survive a quick fix.
1 x Comb will get you thru that windy hair fix.
1 x Regular Med because you know your "friend" wasn't invited.

Outdoor Leisure Survival Saviours Kit

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